Band IV-V 2×100W

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DVB may have three configurations: “Star”, “Bridge” or combination of these two.

These combiners are designed with 2x and 4x filter cavities at minimum interval of 2 channels or 6x filter cavities to sum up the adjacent channels. Each combiner is capable of combining digital and analog signals at a time.



Starpoint combiner is a compact and effective solution for big intervals between frequencies of transmitters. Depending on the task, this configuration may combine up to four band pass filters with varying number of resonators. Tuned to the proper channel, these combiners can easily work in synch with DC impedance combiners (“Bridge” combiners).


DC impedance combiners (bridge combiners)

DC impedance combiners (bridge combiners) comprise of pairs of 3 dB couplers and a pair of band-pass or band-reject filters and ballast load. This type of combiners is usually operated when transmission channels are close to each other or if a new channel is added to the group of combined channels.


Combination of Starpoint and DC Impedance Combiners

This combination is operated when over 4 channels are added to a single antenna system or to tackle complex tasks set by the client.