Compact Monitoring Receiver

Detailed description

DB22-S/S2-Compact is a monitoring probe of high quality and reliability in full compliance with DVB-S/S2 standards. Among its standout assets is the high-end, DSP-based digital tuner, ensuring dependable, accurate monitoring with detailed DVB-S/S2 component information and PID alarms. Like the other products in this series, it guarantees advanced decoding and monitoring of the MPEG transport stream and supports TR 101 290 monitoring, priority 1, 2 and 3. DB22-S/S2-Compact has a smart, practical design and comes with a number of features, such as the BandScanner and RF Spectrum Analyzer, the SAE and SDE functionalities and the Professional ASI Input and Output. The built-in memory card provides 32GB of internal storage and the LAN port ensures full TCP/IP remote control.


Compact DVB control probes, Digital Audio equipment Deva

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