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URS Group is the leading manufacturer of professional TV and radio broadcasting equipment and service provider in this sphere. The Group comprises of:

Research and Development Enterprise URS, LLC – design, development and building of innovative digital and analog TV and radio broadcasting systems and “turnkey” satellite communication systems under the trademark of URS.

Ukrradioservice, LLC – maintenance of TV and radio broadcasting companies 24/7.

Our teams has been building and servicing the broadcasting complexes for over 15 years. We brought together top specialists with extensive experience in the sphere of TV and radio broadcasting and satellite communication systems.

URS Group delivers, assembles and maintains the entire range of equipment for TV and radio broadcasting. The Group develops and makes products that are unique in Ukraine and worldwide. At the customer’s request, the Company implements turnkey TV and radio broadcasting projects – from engineering to system development. The Company is meticulously building every link in a chain of TV and radio broadcasting system: power supply units, antenna and feeder systems, transmitters, combiners, filtering systems, etc.

URS Group offers an extensive range of equipment: from components and accessories to sophisticated TV and radio broadcasting facilities and satellite communication systems. We operate only top-notch, highly reliable and properly certified equipment.

The Company also supplies products of some leading foreign manufacturers in CIS.

To date, the Company has contracts for provision of maintenance services to clients in 65 towns and cities of Ukraine. Qualified and comprehensive approach to the tasks at hand, system integration, knowledge of the latest international technologies and tendencies and swift provision of services – it all makes the URS Group a sound partner for those in need of stable and top quality TV and radio broadcasting.

Our established customers:

Concern for Radio Broadcasting, Radio Communication and Television (RRT), Ukrainian State Center of Radio Frequencies (USCRF), all network radio stations of Ukraine: UMH Group (Autoradio, Retro FM, Nashe Radio, Europa Plus, Radio Pyatnitsa, Jam FM, Golos Stolitsy, Lounge FM), ТАВР MEDIA (Russkoye Radio, Hit FM, Kiss FM, Radio ROCKS, Radio Melodiya, Radio Relax), Business Radio Group (Chanson, Sharmanka, Business Radio, Renaissance, DJ FM), Radio-ERA FM, Lux FM, Radio 24, FM Galychina, I Ukrainian Radio Group (Stilnoye Radio, Best FM, MFM), UH-Radio, TRK Efir, Zakarpattya FM, etc.

Our services

URS Group is an experienced developer and manufacturer if UHF units for TV and radio broadcasting, as well as devices that are operated to control and monitor TV and radio broadcasting complexes. The enterprise is highly adaptive to new requirements of the market of TV and radio broadcasting technologies and has an extensive experience in this sector.

We do not just make equipment. We provide the whole range of servicing and maintenance as well. Our professionals will set up, deliver and commission the equipment all over Ukraine (cost of services included in the price of the equipment).

We continue to provide services after the warranty period for our equipment has expired. For a certain monthly fee, we are willing to provide services, to keep operation of TV and radio transmitting complexes – both purchased from us and form other suppliers.


production of equipment for television and radio broadcasting (transmitters, adders, antennas, accessories), including digital (DVB – T, HD Radio);


supply of imported equipment for television and radio broadcasting and installation of sound equipment;


construction of turnkey TV and radio complexes and HD radio digital radio complexes;

Design and installation

design, installation and maintenance of FM transmitting stations, satellite communication systems and television transmitting stations;


repair and adjustment of television and radio transmission equipment;


full maintenance of TV and radio stations (including satellite equipment) in any region of Ukraine.

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