AFE-01 Antenna System

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AFE-01 Antenna System tabl

For protection against lightning strikes, all metal elements of the antenna have grounding contact (DC) with the frame. The system can be installed on a Ø60-110 mm pole (pipe) as high as each specific AS requires. The AS package includes: splitter, dipole and splitter racks, and connecting cables.

Wind load calculated for wind speed 160Km/h in accordance with EIA-222-C standards.

Additional information

Electrical parameters:

– Frequency range: 87.5-108 MHz
– Input resistance: 50 Om
– Connectors: 7/16 ”female, 7/8” EIA
– VSWR <1.4: 1 Max
– Polarization: elliptical
– Gain coefficient: see the table of parameters
– Direction diagram: Depends on the number of dipoles and mast parameters (calculated for each case).
– Features: Antenna system may consist of even
the number of dipoles.

Mechanical parameters:

– Speaker height: Depends on the number of dipoles see table of parameters
– The total mass: see the table of parameters
– Wind load: see the table of parameters (v = 160 km / h)
– Mounting: Metal bracket with coating