TRANSMITTER DVB-T/T2/H 750, 1000, 1500 W RMS

TRANSMITTER DVB-T/T2/H 750, 1000, 1500 W RMS


The transmitter represents top quality (MER>37dB) at an affordable price.

Top modulation properties in every mode of DVB-T/T2/H.

Ability to operate in SFN. Remote control and monitoring of all transmission parameters and opportunity to build centralized control systems.



The transmitter is capable of operation in a wide range of supply voltage over three-phase AC line 380 V. The transmitter is still operable in the range Usup. (U=340V…420V)

High efficiency. Application of the Doherty scheme can boost it by 40%.



Modern hardware components will keep the devices operable over long periods. АPC (Automatic Power Control) and quick tripping (TTR < 5 µs) secure solid operation even with abrupt changes in AFD parameters. The АРC function guarantees continuous operation of transmitter even without any load, as well as at poor SWR and high ambient temperature.