High-Performance Dual FM Monitoring Receiver & Radio Streamer

Detailed description

The DB4402-V2 – Dual FM Monitoring Receiver is a superb and highly practical combination between a logger and a streamer which allows you to easily and accurately monitor and store all important parameters of the FM signal while simultaneously giving you the opportunity to listen to a constant, uninterrupted audio stream. The synchronized performance of both major functions is at the core of the idea for this model, as well as the unit’s major asset.

The DB4402-V2 is fully DSP-based, with a built-in oscilloscope and an RDS/RBDS decoder with a BER meter. Users can set alarms for RF, MPX, Pilot and RDS signal via email, SMS or SNMP. The DB4402-V2 is an advanced solution giving customers a number of advantages and top all-round, multi-faceted performance as both a monitoring tool and a streaming device.


Digital Audio equipment Deva, FM radio monitoring

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