Broadcast Computer 1U


Special purpose computer designed together by UTCS and URS Group. Designed to meet specific requirements of on-air broadcasting, it can be installed in engineering rooms together with radio broadcasting equipment. 1U Rack 19″ design and optional integrated satellite tuner will save you the cost of installation of auxiliary equipment at TV and Radio Broadcasting Center, while high energy efficiency will help you save on electricity bills.


The computer is a combination of top quality server components capable of operating for years without physical interference of maintenance crew at affordable price. Quad-core Intel® processor runs on 22 nm flow process with heat emission not exceeding 10 W. Supports DX11 with Intel® HD Graphics. Decoder H.264 ensures smooth streaming of HD video.


UltraDurable ™ 4 Plus system board c/w proprietary package of functions and technologies promote excellent performance, efficient cooling, efficient energy consumption and long service life. The board is made of solid capacitors and Low RDS(on) field-effect transistors, making it capable of working at high temperature for over 50,000 hours.


Improved electrostatic discharge protection (ESD) provides cover for Ethernet LAN and USB ports that are most vulnerable to the risk of malfunction caused by static electricity. Each LAN and USB port is coupled with special security filter that is resistant to a heavy electrostatic discharge thereby protecting the system against power surges and rainstorms.


The system is based on DualBIOS – a unique system designed to protect one of the most important components of the system board – BIOS. DualBIOS consists of two BIOS microchips – main and backup. This tandem provides sound protection for BIOS microcode against virus attacks, hardware malfunction caused by failure of PC components, user errors and power surges in the course of BIOS updates. Low-noise server power supply unit complete with quality voltage filter. Active power factor compensation module puts in an admirable effort in keeping the power factor at very high level.



ENERGY STAR Specification Ver. 4.0. Conformity to RoHS.


Cooling system consists of a 40 mm fan on the back panel of the power supply unit and two more fans to cool the casing. Relatively quiet, the noise only intensifies at maximum load. DVB-card (optional) works just nicely with all satellite providers. Unlimited hardware filtering of DVB flow enables the computer operation within a vast range of symbol rates and makes it suitable for satellite phishing. High-sensitivity CAN tuner Sharp provides stable reception of even relatively weak signals.

Broadcast Computer 1U lables

Additional information


19" 1U


Quad-Core Intel Celeron J1900 (2.0 GHz)

Cooling radiator:

Cooling radiator without fan

Random access memory:


Audio channels:

codec Realtek ALC887, number of audio channels 2/4 / 5.1 / 7.1


1TB 7200rpm 64MB

Power supply:

High Efficiency 250W Server Power Supply
(not less than 82%, and not less than 85% at 50% load),
conforms to standards: 80 PLUS Bronze;


Computer receiver DVB-S stream